The Traveling Circus

The traveling circus came to Oxford last weekend….Noah loved it!

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Noah and Mommy time

Jaime has been working out of town for the last few weeks and Noah and I missed him very much.  We’ve had lots of Noah and Mommy time….which I have LOVED!!!  Here are some of the things we’ve been doing…enjoy!

We went to the park…

 We went to the antique markets…

we took a juice break…

We played at home..

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Our baby girl is growing…

…and so am I !!!!!!

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One-year check-up

Noah had his one year check-up at the pediatrician office today ( a few weeks late!). It was a big appointment that included all his one year shots…our boy did great!

Patiently waiting to see Dr. Caudill…

still waiting…

Before we got our shots, we got weighed…Jaime and I both would have put money on the fact that Noah weighed at least 30 lbs. Here’s the proof…we were wrong!

Patient Flechas did such a great job with his shots he got a “Thomas the Train” sticker on his shirt for being such a trooper…

Yeah, Noah!

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Well, as most of you know by now, we got to see our littlest one on sonogram this past Monday! Jaime has been in Texas this whole week with our laptop so I haven’t been able to post since he left.  He actually left within 30 minutes of our doctor’s appointment to head down to Jackson so he could then travel on to Texas…his normal routine by now.

For some reason, my husband decided to get on the road a little later than planned so he could be at the doctor’s appointment with me. I encouraged him to get on the road since this was just a “routine” check-up…I’m now in the middle of my 5th month, so everything is pretty “routine” at this point.

After our check-up, as I mentioned above, we were able to see our littlest one!

Everything looked good.

Everything looked healthy.

Everything was growing right on track…It was really special to get to see our “little baby BOY Flechas” move around and stretch…

Well, the sonogram was going great as we watched in amazement at our little bundle of joy…UNTIL, our sonogram technician turned to Jaime and me and asked us with a strange look on her face if we had, by any chance, already painted our nursery?

“No,” we replied…”We don’t have our act together that much!!!”

“Well” she went on to say…”It looks like you are not having another baby boy after all…It’s actually a baby GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We were both SHOCKED, to say the least! Shocked but absolutely overjoyed and blessed by this change!  Even though we have thought for almost a month that our Noah would have a little brother, it turns out, it was a little sister all along!

So, that’s our BIG news for the week. It has truly taken a week for it all to sink in. God knew all along what He had put in my belly…we were just fooled for a few weeks!



Can you imagine if Jaime had not been there that day for my “routine” appointment???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This was Noah’s outfit choice for our day on Sunday…cute ensemble!!!

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Just some cute pictures…

Noah loves his new chair he got for his birthday!!!

P.S.  My sweet, sweet friend Angela Manley MADE this shirt for Noah…by hand!  She is so very talented and I am so very NOT!!! Thank you, Angela. Our boy lives in this shirt these days!

P.P.S.   The small smudged white spot on the upper portion of Noah’s shirt is leftover cinnamon roll…YES, we are those parents that let their child eat cinnamon rolls at 12 months 7 days. DON’T JUDGE.

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